VLC is unable to open the mrl

VLC is unable to open the mrl

In this little tutorial we will deal with the error: VLC is unable to open the MRL and that is an error that occurs when VLC is trying to open a file or stream or a movie that is located somewhere else than on your local computer and VLC can’t get access to the file.


Okay so let’s see what the error looks like and how we can solve it. Her is the VLC media player that we have opened and when I go to open network stream, I will enter a URL or path to the file that I try to open – I got this saved in my clipboard and it is just a file that is located on the VLC helper website and the file is called turn off subtitles.

Okay let’s see what happens when I try to open it. I click play and now the VLC media player will try to open the file but it can’t, and in this is the error message that it will show us, Your input can be opened VLC is unable to open the MRL and then the path to the file and then it tells to check the log for details but we don’t really care about that, all we want it the VLC Media Player to open the file correctly. Okay let’s just close this again. Usually this error occurs when there is something blocking your access to the file and very often it is your firewall on your local computer. If you by accident has disallowed VLC media player to access the Internet or to access a certain location on a server or a different computer or something like that, then you get this error, so let’s just fix it.

The way to fix it depends on your firewall and I’m using the AVG Internet security and it has a firewall included and I will just show you how to do it here. You will have to look into your firewall settings and find this for yourself. So I’ll just click here on firewall and here there is a tool ‘firewall settings’ you will be looking for something like settings too. I click this and here I get my firewall settings. You have the applications and here we have the action that is assigned to each application and when I look at the VLC media player here I can see that it is blocked. So I told my firewall to block the VLC media player when it tries to access the Internet and that is what we want to avoid.

All I have to do to fix this is just to click here and say and allow for all networks or to ask me every time, allow for safe networks, I’ll just allow it for all networks. I want VLC to be able to access the Internet at all the times. That’s all I just click apply and okay and close down the settings here and now lets try open the file again.

Go to media, open network stream, we already have the file here, and I just click play and there we we go the file opens just fine. So usually when you get the error that the VLC media player is unable to open the MRL is the because your firewall or some other application that is controlling your access to the Internet is blocking VLC. This could also be a router or switch or something else. But that you have a clue on that what to look for and usually it’s your firewall. Just allow VLC to access the Internet.