Turn off subtitles VLC

How to turn of subtitles in VLC:

Subtitles are a great feature in VLC and they are turned on by default. If you don’t want any subtitles to be displayed then you need to turn them of. There are several ways to do this. You can turn them off completely or you can set up the VLC player to only display subtitles when you manually open the subtitle file. This Tutorial shows you both ways. Note that ‘hard’ subtitles can’t be turned off. Hard subtitles are encoded directly in the video file. Soft subtitles are separate files like .srt and .sub files.


Subtitles are turned on by default in the VLC media player and sometimes that can be annoying.

If you are watching a lot of movies in your native language then it is not the best idea to have subtitles turned on – and you will need a way to turn them off, and I’ll show you how in this little guide.

When you have the VLC player open you will have to go to tools and then go to preferences or you can just hit control+P, let’s just try that. that will bring up the preferences dialog box and in this box you will have to look down in the bottom left corner and click on “all”. Now you will get some more detailed options and here you have to look for video.

Click this little arrow and then check or click on subtitles/OSD which means on-screen display. This will give you some options and here you need to uncheck these three checkboxes. You have to uncheck autodetect subtitles files and you need to uncheck on-screen display and uncheck enable sub pictures that’s basically it. All you have to do now is to click ‘save’ and the next time that you open a movie in the VLC media player, it won’t show any subtitles at all.

If you still want the option to open subtitles manually then you need to set up the VLC media player a little differently.

You can go to ‘tools’ like we did before and go to ‘preferences’ just hit control + P and again we go down to the bottom left corner click ‘all’ – click the little arrow – hit video and then subtitles/OSD and you have to keep enable sub pictures or you have to enable this and click this check box to be able to open subtitles manually – and I just click save.

OK, so here have a movie opened up, it’s a Harry Potter movie. What I wanted to show you is that you can add subtitles manually. Ss you can see if I hit play, there is no subtitles displaying in this movie. But if I go to ‘video’ and I go to ‘subtitles track’ and ‘open file’ and find the subtitles and hit ‘open’ and click play again, the subtitles are displayed.

This is a great way of having sort of a balanced option where you can disable subtitles – but if you need them, you can just open the subtitles file and you can have them displayed when viewing your video or movie. That pretty much sums up this little guide and remember that you can see more movies and guides with tips and tricks on the how to finetune the VLC Media Player on VLChelper.com